Seriously Simple Family Portrait

When I say the words “family portrait” in my house the groans can be heard from miles away and people scatter to the four corners of the Earth. You see, when I was studying Photography in Art School, my poor family had to endure whatever crazy vision I had for the latest family photo shoot. Something stately on the bank steps during winter (I really liked the columns). Or let’s do a really casual photo on the couch and include the dog, who happened to be a Jack Russel Terrier and who couldn’t sit still to save her life. Then there was the mother/daughter photo shoot. I don’t think my daughter ever really forgave me for that one. It lasted all day.

So the holidays were here, we were all together. It had been four years since our last family portrait which was easy breezy because it was taken by my Stepmother, Etta Clark, who is a wonderful Photographer and Author of the books Growing Old is Not For Sissies 1 & 2. She does amazing work, you can check it out at Etta Clark Photography. Such a source of inspiration.

But I digress…

I had everybody together for the first time in a long while, they seemed to be in a really good mood, so I suggested a family portrait. Much to my surprise everyone agreed. I promised them that it would be a piece of cake, which I think they only half believed. And honestly, I was over the long drawn out processes that we had gone through in the past myself. So I suggested we all wear black tops, I told them to lay on the floor, positioned the camera in front of us with timer and took the picture. I took a couple of shots to ensure the spacing was right and then I took a few versions of the shots just to have a little variety. The whole process took 20 minutes, everyone could get on with their day and the best part, nobody was mad at me.

Sometimes it is just better to get it done, make it fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously. More and more I’m learning, in life, simple is usually the better way to go.

Have a great day!


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