Good Taste: Brunch at the Carlyle

Blue Crab Fritters
I am a foodie! It is no secret. I love food. I love the presentation of food, I love the taste of food, I love trying new foods.

One of my favorite places to satisfy this weird food obsession is the Carlyle Grand Cafe in the cute little Shirlington Village, a neigborhood in Arlington, VA. Great atmosphere, great specials and features and a really good Sunday Brunch.

Tuscan White Bean Soup I had the Blue Crab Fritters (pictured up top) and the Tuscan White Bean Soup (directly above). The crab fritters are on the appetizer menu, so you can have them anytime, not just for brunch. Aren’t they interesting? I know you can’t see them well, because they are encased in the crispy noodle covering, so I provided a more detailed pic below. Please, take a closer look.

Crab Fritter 2
There is lots of yummy crab in there and its garnished with yummy corn salsa. Did I mention that the whole thing is just yummy?

Carlyle Grand Cafe also serves a really tasty Grand Mimosa with a splash of Grand Marnier Liquer and an Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary with Old Bay…Addictive!!

French Toast Carlyle
If you are more of a traditionalist like my Dude, then you are in luck. The Carlyle serves regular breakfast during brunch. Of course as you can see above, there is nothing regular about it. Just the right amount of Brioche French Toast (which I will find a recipe for), bacon, eggs (scrambled with cream cheese…can you say texture heaven?), and home fries with grilled onions. I could eat there everyday if my budget and waistline allowed it.

If you’re ever in the area, I suggest you check out the Carlyle Grand Cafe or any one of their other restaurants. They are part of the Great American Restaurants chain, but chain is hardly the word to describe this lovely little piece of food heaven on the outskirts of Arlington. It is so much more than that.

If you’re eating good, then you’re probably living well. And everybody should live well.


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