Make it Rain…Vodka Please?

rain1 It just so happens that I am watching the Russian Roulette scene from the movie Hemingway and Gellhorn while writing this post. In the scene,the Russian General and Ernest Hemingway are fighting over the honor of the lovely writer and War Correspondent Martha Gellhorn (played by Nicole Kidman) during a very dramatic and testosterone filled moment. As a ploy to stop the two men from possibly killing themselves, a very sensible gentleman suggests they have vodka as a last drink before they die. Now I am normally a tequila girl.There is nothing like a good shot of Cabo Wabo to take the edge off, any day, but last night I tried the Rain Vodka for the first time. I have to admit, I bought it primarily for the awesome bottle. (We already know how I feel about packaging. If you’re not familiar, the Kate Spade and Cashmere post explains it nicely). But cute bottle aside, this is one of the best tasting vodkas I have had. I don’t know if it is because it is organic or because it has been distilled seven times, but it is very smooth, doesn’t give you vodka flatulence, or an aftertaste, and it has a delicate, sweet aroma. Mixed with cranberry juice, it actually cuts the tartness of the cranberry and gives the drink a more fruity flavor. It uncorks like champagne and has an overall elegance. Although guys can easily enjoy Rain, for me, it is the perfect girl’s Vodka. Smooth and bold, without being trendy like all of the sickening sweet vodkas that have been popping up lately. And it won’t break the bank selling for around $19 for 750ml at Bevmo.

I’ve always said that I plan to live well into my 80s and because I don’t have a death wish, I certainly don’t plan on having any Russian Roulette duels any time soon. But if I am ever in the position of having to choose vodka as my last drink, I’ll be having the Rain, straight up, please, no chaser?

Have a great week!


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